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Lionel 60 Lionelville Trolley Post-War

The 60 Lionelville Trolley was a newly designed item produced by Lionel in 1955. It is a nice model of a generic real-life trolley found in many cities of the United States in the 1940s and 1950s.

Standard features of the 60 Trolley include: yellow body with a red roof, rotating trolley pole, interior illumination, window silhouttes and directional change via movable bumpers at each end.
During the trolley's production era, several changes occurred. Each of these changes are catagorized as either early or late production. Early production is assumed to be 1955 while late production is defined as 1956 and thereafter. Be aware, there are trolley examples where the following features overlap.

  • Lettering - Early trolleys have black lettering while later examples have blue letters.
  • Roof Vents - Early production trolleys have vent slots in the roof ends. Later production trolleys have an additional set of side vents on the roof, closer to the center.
  • Bumpers - Early versions uses a two-piece bumper while later versions have a single piece bumper.

Red Lettering - Truely rare, this is assumed to be a pre-production version as only a few are known to exist.
Black Lettering - Hard to locate, production appears to be limited to only a portion of 1955.
Blue Lettering - The common version.

Lionel 60 Lionelville Trolley Post-War